MONETIQUE TUNISIE was established in 1989 with the primary objective of providing high quality, card payment processing services to banks in Tunisia and across Africa’s emerging markets.


With a complete range of high quality, flexible, and new technology for card pay­ment processing and support services, MONETIQUE TUNISIE is able to offer their clients the latest card payment products with confidence.


In all cases, MONETIQUE TUNISIE solutions are based on the highest standards expected of the International Card Schemes across the globe. With more than 55 employees, MONETIQUE TUNISIE is dedicated to exporting state-of-the-art smart processing services to markets across the region, positioning it as a hub for electronic payment technology. The company currently serves more than 6 African Banks based in Libya, Algeria, Mauritania and Congo.


Initial Support Initial Support Services for Portfolio Implementation or Migration

MONETIQUE TUNISIE offers initial support service for financial institutions that are either imple­menting their first issuing and acquiring program(s) or either migrating existing program(s) to MONETIQUE TUNISIE.

MONETIQUE TUNISIE begins by conducting a kick-off meeting with the bank to determine their needs and prepare their strategy. Throughout the project, MONETIQUE TUNISIE is on hand to provide on-going consultation and support.

Card Issuer Processing MONETIQUE TUNISIE processes all card programs. As a member of the International Payment Scheme Network, MONETIQUE TUNISIE authorizes transactions instantly worldwide wher­ever they take place. MONETIQUE TUNISIE provides issuers with a comprehensive set of reports that detail the activity of its cardholders and the International Pay­ment Scheme Network settlement report, which will include all fees and charges. MONETIQUE TUNISIE processes all credit, debit, pre­paid, internet, purchase, virtual cards and even private label cards and is willing to consider any variant a bank might be interested in.


Card Procurement &Personalization MONETIQUE TUNISIE provides a variety of choices to its clients regarding card procurement & card personalization in order to ensure that their individual needs and prefer­ences are met. To assist clients, MONETIQUE TUNISIE has a framework agreement in place with several internationally recognized card suppliers and card personalizers to support clients in launching their card programs as quickly as possible and offer them a number of options for card personalization

 ATM Acquiring MONETIQUE TUNISIE’s ATM processing service drives a network compliant ATMs and are configured to support most of the international ATM brands. MONETIQUE TUNISIE constantly monitors the network and reporting any alerts to the desig­nated team on a daily basis to ensure the highest levels of functionality and efficiency

POS Acquiring MONETIQUE TUNISIE’s POS processing service utilizes a network compliant terminals, which are configured to support most of the international brands. MONETIQUE TUNISIE provides clients with a full daily report of the activity in its POS network, a merchant payment file, a statement file (if required) and the International Payment Scheme Network settlement report, which will include all fees and charges.

Chargeback MONETIQUE TUNISIE’s Chargeback provides mem­bers with an effective means to resolve disputes arising from violations of the International Payment Scheme (Visa, MasterCard...etc) Operating Regulations. MONETIQUE TUNISIE provides an efficient process to ensure that all disputes are handled in a timely and professional manner, through appropriate investigation and filing requ­ired paper work.

Inter-Banking In cases where a client has retained MONETIQUE TUNISIE as both its issuer processor and its acquirer processor ,all on-us transactions are then cleared and settled internally, within MONETIQUE TUNISIE’s systems. In cases where a not-on-us transaction is acquired by a bank, MONETIQUE TUNISIE will clear these transactions through a global transactions processing network and will deliver the settlement reports to the bank, as an integral part of its end-of-day processing report.

Customer Service As a MONETIQUE TUNISIE client, you have access to our 24-hour call center, which provides a range of services in Arabic, French, and English. Our full-service support team is available 24 hours a day / 365 a year to help with any problem you may have regarding.