MONETIQUE TUNISIE was established in 1989 with the primary objective of providing high quality, card payment processing services to banks in Tunisia and across Africa’s emerging markets.

With a complete range of high quality, flexible, and new technology for card pay­ment processing and support services, MONETIQUE TUNISIE is able to offer their clients the latest card payment products with confidence.

In all cases, MONETIQUE TUNISIE solutions are based on the highest standards expected of the International Card Schemes across the globe. With more than 55 employees, MONETIQUE TUNISIE is dedicated to exporting state-of-the-art smart processing services to markets across the region, positioning it as a hub for electronic payment technology. The company currently serves more than 6 African Banks based in Libya, Algeria, Mauritania and Congo.

Mobile Banking Mobile banking addresses the limited applications of internet banking in developing countries by reducing the equipment needed.

the costs of providing services to bank customers while providing a fast and efficient means of banking that’s just a phone call away.

Fraud Analyzer MONETIQUE TUNISIE’s has an active Risk Manager which provides an on line monitoring tool which detects fraud operations and initiates investigations of those cases and performs automatic ac­tions on fraud cases

PAY Pass MONETIQUE TUNISIE’s PAY Pas is a contactless form of payment for clients that eliminates physi­cal interaction with a POS terminal. The program is designed specifically for small and medium sized purchases in high volume and fast service environments. The program has been launched in several markets including Tunisia , Morocco , Malaysia, Korea, Europe , Canada , USA etc

Verified By Visa (V bV )  And MasterCard secure Code ( M s C)  V bV & M s C provides an additional layer of security for internet purchases. V bV & M s C helps in reducing the potential for internet fraud and increasing customer confidence. Using of 3-D Secure, which is a global service based upon the universal plat­form of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), provides the added security equivalent to that of the physical card being pres­ent during a transaction.

SMS – Notification “SMS-notification” Cardholder can set up this ser­vice to receive a message on his mobile phone containing all relevant informa­tion regarding each card transaction (date, amount, success of transaction).