A subtle understanding of the national and international markets turns out to be essential.
A full and accurate knowledge of the actors, systems and technologies too.

Monetique Tunisie as a professional training company (accredited in Tunisia , is aiming at supporting its customers in their projects, leveraging its widely recognized know-how.

Monetique Tunisie thus continuously provides training seminars which are regularly updated and enhanced with expert inputs from Monetique Tunisie , Visa , MasterCard , Amex ,etc.. consultants. All trainings cover the organizational, regulatory, functional and technical aspects of card systems.

Our courses welcome more than 400 participants per year who acquire the essential knowledge required to manage their sophisticated projects.

The Training Center is headed by a director responsible for ensuring the proper functioning administrative and teaching of the cabinet, in particular as regards:

The identification of needs;

the attainment of studies ;

 the development of training plans;

The organization, the implementation, and the evolution of training actions contained within and outside the business; the establishment of devices or systems of training intra-company.

By action of training, it must be made clear:

The content of the training

  •  Duration ;
  • The targeted population;
  • The trainers stakeholders ;
  • The modalities of implementation including the technical means and available pedagogic ;
  • The place of training ;
  • The expected results.

As well as the price with indication of components.

The action of training will be carried out in the form of specific actions to cyclical nature.

The use of a staff of foreign nationality is subject to prior authorization.

Organization of the training:

Putting back to the participants:

* The program of the training session;

* technical documents and educational thereto ;

* a participation certificate, bearing:

* Mention of the theme of the training;

* The duration of the training

*Subscribe an insurance policy designed to cover the participants against the risks incurred during their training.

The Training Center is held:

"To view a copy of the approval at a location accessible to the public;to make appear on the set of its documents and advertisements, the denomination of his cabinet followed by the words "private firm of Training", of the number and date of the approval decision.




 Card Payment Essentials 


Understanding card payment rules, principles, mechanisms, processes and technologies




 Understanding EMV 

Demystifying EMV and understanding how to leverage the technology to improve the card business


 EMV Specifications 

Mastering the complexity of EMV and its implementations by Payment Systems


 EMV Merchant Migration Guidance 

Understanding the EMV migration challenges, and learning how to define, architect and manage a Merchant's migration program.


 EMV Issuer Migration Guidance 

Understanding the EMV migration challenges, and learning how to define, architect and manage an Issuer's migration program.


 EMV Acquirer Migration Guidance 

Understanding the EMV migration challenges, and learning how to define, architect and manage an Acquirer's migration program.


 EMV ATM Migration Guidance

Understanding the EMV migration challenges and learning how to define, architect and manage an ATM migration program.


New Technologies 


 Contactless Cards and Applications 

Understanding how new & emerging technologies will transform the usages in many activity sectors (payment, transportation, ID…)


 NFC Payment and Services on Mobile Devices 

Understanding the implementation of contactless services on mobiles devices


 Trusted Service Manager State-of-the-Art 

Understanding the fundamentals of the key role for secured services handover on mobiles





The period of validity of tenders is thirty (30) days of their date of establishment, unless written confirmation of the Provider extending this duration.

That the command has been or not preceded by an offer, the contract is deemed not perfect only when the client has received a written acceptance of the provider of the command, both for the initial order that for its eventual amendments.

In case of divergence between order and acceptance, the acceptance of control by the service provider determines the contents of the contract, unless the customer has refused in writing in the eight (8) calendar days following the date of issuance of the said acceptance.

Past this deadline, no command can be canceled, unless prior written agreement of the provider, and subject that the whole of the charges resulting from either set by the Customer.

2/ Documentation

The documentation provided to the customer remains the exclusive property of the Service Provider and cannot, without prior express authorization of the provider, be communicated, copied or reproduced by the Client.


Except as otherwise set out in the order acceptance, the prices contained in the tenders, quotations, order acceptance of the provider shall be construed for the products and services and quantities mentioned therein, Excluding taxes, " at the headquarters of Monetique-Tunisie ".

Except as otherwise set out in the acceptance of command, any price proposal is valid thirty (30) days from its date of establishment, unless written confirmation of the Service Provider extending this duration.


Unless otherwise agreed to in the order acceptance, the price is payable in Tunisian dinars, according to the following rules:

In the event of advance payment to the command, it is argued on the price of the order and does not constitute a deposit which the abandonment would allow the parties to disengage from the contract.

With the exception of the deposit to the command, the prices are payable to thirty (30) days of the invoice date.

Advance payments shall not give rise to any reduction of the sale price and Service by the Service Provider.